How Do I Participate?

Our innovative process makes this study easy for anyone who qualifies.
Please feel free to call our study staff at any point with questions.

Give us a call if you would like to know more information about the study. If you would like to participate, provide us with your address so we can mail you the paperwork needed to join.

Once an envelope from KINDRED arrives at your house, review all of the paperwork. Included in the envelope will be a consent form, medical consent form, screening questionnaire, information sheet, and a prepaid return envelope. If you choose to participate in this research study, fill out all forms and questionnaires. Place all pages of those forms in the prepaid return envelope and mail it back to us.

After we receive all pages of the paperwork, we will send you a blood draw kit. Included in the kit will be a brief questionnaire, a blood collection kit, instruction card, a prepaid return shipping box, and $10 as a thank you for participating. Fill out the questionnaire and place it into the return box. Take the blood collection tubes (inside the box) to your dialysis session. Please only do this on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday sessions.

Ask someone on your care team to help you draw blood samples using the tubes in the box. After the tubes are filled, place them back into the absorbent cloth pockets, then place them into the biohazard bag and seal it. Place the biohazard bag into the bubble wrap packet and place that packet into the prepaid shipping box and seal it. Drop the package off at your local post office right after your dialysis session. Please do this as soon as possible to ensure quick delivery.